Hyper-local Card Linked Merchant Offers

What is the Seamless Rewards Program?

The Seamless Rewards Program helps to connect great local businesses with large networks of customers.

The Program provides a marketplace where great businesses can register to provide card linked offers to major Loyalty Programs. The Program promotes businesses without the need for complex POS integrations, additional hardware or software or significant administrative burden. Businesses can use a self-service portal to customise their promotion activity and cater it to meet their evolving marketing needs.

Loyalty and rewards programs can drive engagement and reward members by tapping into our marketplace of CLO ready merchants across Australia and New Zealand. Loyalty Programs can curate content specifically for their program from our existing network of CLO ready merchants, or they can work with us to obtain custom content for their programs.


Me​rchant Offer Marketplace

The Seamless Rewards marketplace contains a broad network of CLO ready businesses that want to connect with large networks of customers.

CLO Agnostic

Seamless Rewards interfaces with all leading CLO platforms through dedicated APIs or batch processes. This means that businesses can reach the participants of many Loyalty Programs at once, unlocking a huge network of potential new customers.

Curated Merchant Offers

CLO Partners/Loyalty Programs can curate Merchant Offers to suit their program needs, or work with us to tailor content for their needs.

Automated Transaction Management

Transactions are validated real-time through APIs or at a regular frequency through batch processes.

Analytical Insights

Merchants can access analytics and insights on a self-service portal to help drive positive program outcomes.

What is a Card Linked Offer Program?

CLO programs provide organisations (e.g. banks, insurers) with the ability to reward customers where they use a linked card at a participating merchant.

Customers can have their card (credit or debit) registered in a CLO program, which may occur automatically (e.g. in the form of a specific rewards card) or manually via an opt in process. The customer will receive access to rewards offered as part of their participation in that program. When they transact on an offer, they become eligible for a reward as per program rules.

Rewards can vary significantly, depending on the Program design. Some programs may offer their participants loyalty or rewards points, which can be redeemed for other goods or services, whilst others may offer cash back incentives.

Card linked offers are a great tool to help:

  • drive engagement and usage in apps and website portals, and
  • reward participants (such as customers, employees and members) by giving them access to great deals from great local businesses.

Seamless Rewards allows merchants to participate in all types of programs, by acting as an interface into these many programs.

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Connecting great local businesses with a huge network of customers

3 reasons to promote your business using Seamless Rewards:

  • A risk-free marketing solution – you only pay if it is successful
  • Marketing to a large, targeted network of customers
  • No upfront cost

Here’s how it works:


Businesses register their participation on our platform and customers register their Cards into their CLO program of choice.


CLO Programs access merchant promotional offers from our platform and promote those businesses to their customers, by providing them with an incentive to spend using their card.


Customer sees an offer and makes a purchase using linked card and receives a reward.


We invoice you for the customers that we successfully bring to your business. That success fee helps to pay for customer incentives and the cost of promotion.

CLO Partners / Loyalty Program Operators: We want you!

Seamless Rewards provides end to end services to CLO Partners or Loyalty Program Operators from merchant content management, offer validation, merchant funded discount collection and disbursement.

Seamless Rewards provides deep and wide content services that CLO programs want:

Tailored Merchant Offers & Content

Deep and wide network of merchants and real-time changes in merchant content allow our CLO Partners the ability to choose their content based on geography and category of content.

Frictionless Transactions

Our platform allows all transaction flows through the CLMO process to be seamlessly integrated into all leading programs via APIs.

Merchant Lifecycle Management

Entertainment will manage all aspects of the merchant lifecycle, from on-boarding and self-service offer management to billing as well as merchant engagement and retention.

Register today to be a CLO Partner / Loyalty Program Operator!

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Entertainment: A trusted market leader in providing rewards

For 26 years, Entertainment Book has been a household name, helping to raise more than $85 million for local primary and high schools, sports clubs, community groups and registered charities.

Our vision is to become Australia and New Zealand's leading merchant content provider. To achieve this we have created Seamless Rewards - a card-linked merchant offer (CLMO) program.

Seamless Rewards is underpinned by a platform that is easy to connect with, flexible (enables content curation) and is insights driven - to connect thousands of merchants with Australia and New Zealand's leading card-linked-offer and loyalty programs.

We have strong relationships with merchants in our core lifestyle and entertainment sectors and we are actively expanding our offering into adjacent sectors...